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Engagement with an organization/production company that promotes civically engaging programming and gives back to the community on local, national and global levels. To that end, I offer my knowledge and skills of film and television post-production. Including but not limited to Editing, Assistant to Editors, Post Color, Post Audio, and Motion Graphics; using a multitude of platforms including Premiere Pro, AVID, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut. Please see below to view some examples of my work in a resume format, as well as a few videos on the “Work” tab above.

 Thanks for your consideration!.

Relevant Production Experience (Most Recent Listed First)

Bounce TV - Originals - Assistant Editor/Editor - Assisted with the post production needs of multiple shows, Eventually gained the opportunity to edit my own episodes after proven skill set.

  • In The Cut - Season 5 - Editor on Episode 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13 & 13. Assistant Editor for Full Season

  • Saints & Sinners - Season 4 - Assistant Editor

  • In The Cut - Season 4 - Assistant Editor

  • Family Time - Season 6 - Editor on Episode 9. Assistant Editor for Full Season.

  • Last Call - Season 1 - Editor on Episode 3, 7, & 13 Finale. Assistant Editor for Full Season.

  • The Trumpet Awards 2019 - Assistant Editor.

Pink Productions – Multiple Roles - Contracted per project to assist on productions, which include:

  • Bruises: A Short Film by Aminah Ahmad - Editor/Motion Graphics

  • WIFTA (Women In Film & Television Awards) Gala - 1st Camera Operator/ Editor

  • Staying In Lane Season 1 - 1st Camera Operator/Graphic Designer/Editor

  • Staying In Lane Season 2 - Producer/Graphic Designer/Editor

480 Films - Editor - Contracted per project to assist, which include:

  • The 4th Quarter - Editor for pilot episode

  • These Jobs Ain’t Loyal - Music Video - Editor

  • Lock-N-Key - Video Editor/Visual Effects

  • King of Kings - Assistant Editor

Yellow Lens Entertainment - Editor - Contracted per project to assist in Editing:

  • Timbos 2 Stilettos (Reality Show Sizzle)

Holiday Love, Inc. - Camera Operator/Editor - Contracted per project to assist on projects, which include:

  • Holiday Love Behind The Scenes Special - 1st Camera Operator/ Editor

  • Kim Fields Acting Reel - Editor

Bobbcat Films – Editor - Contracted per project to edit a series of projects, which include:

  • Demetria McKinney Whitney Houston Tribute

  • Still Believe In Love (Music Video) - Demetria McKinney ft. Musiq Soulchild

  • Demetria McKinney Television/Film Acting Reel

Sun Seeker Media Co. - Production Assistant - Assisted in the production of many shows and events on a daily basis in office, As well as going on set to run camera, sound, lighting, and help edit final projects together. Projects that I assisted with include:

  • Stevie Wonder with Friends: Celebrating a Message of Peace

  • Behind the Scenes Stevie Wonder with Friends: Celebrating a Message of Peace

  • As Written: Angie Stone

  • McDonald’s 365 Black Awards Show

  • New Edition 30th Anniversary Music Video Special

  • As Written: New Edition

  • 2012 Atlanta Football Classic Halftime Show

  • 2012 Soul Train Music Awards Red Carpet Special

  • 2012 Soul Train Music Awards

  • Nike AF1 XXX Halftime Show Behind The Scenes

  • Being: TGT

  • Multiple Reality Show Sizzle Reels

The Gospel Tribune Atlanta - Director/Lead Editor/Camera Operator - I edit a weekly show that airs on local Atlanta television network AIB-TV. The show covers Artists, Events, and News in the Gospel genre. I am the lead and sole editor of this 30-minute show.

The FlightSchoolNation - Director/Editor/Co-Owner - Helped start a small media company with two other associates. Worked as the main video editor on a large amount of projects that included music videos, interviews, various promos, and behind the scenes of photo-shoots.

Positive Distractions - Director/Editor - Worked on set directing and editing a multi shoot segment that focused on interviewing young people who are doing positive things in their lives and communities. I directed and edited 5 interviews in total for a web-based audience.

River Road - Intern - Worked on set during the filming of a pilot season of a reality show. Helped run camera, lighting, and sound. Became familiar with the aspects of how a reality show is produced.

In The Box Media Co. - Editor - Worked with this company to film and edit many music videos over a time frame of over a year. I also assisted with developing concepts and scouting for locations as well as directing the talent.

The Krush (Film) - Multiple roles - Worked to help bring a full-length film to life during my  last year in high school. On set, I was in multiple areas of the crew including camera, lighting, sound, writing scenes, compiling shooting schedules, and editing the final film together. 

Governor’s School of the Arts - Film Student - I was one of 7 students chosen out of 900  applicants to be included in a 4-week program to learn film techniques under industry professionals. Along with being coached in current film techniques, I also learned how to shoot on actual 16mm film, record sound on tape, and edit the material together by hand using a Steenbeck flatbed-editing machine.



Film & Television Production

I have a wide range of knowledge in all aspects of film and video production. This includes camera operation, video editing (very knowledgeable in Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, and Avid Editing Systems), sound recording, and lighting techniques. I take on many roles, as I have been in almost every role possible (director, camera operator, I have written many scripts, grip, boom microphone operator, and editor). I believe my  biggest talents lie in a directing/editing position. Also, I am familiar with logging and keeping track of all footage, making sure all captured footage is labeled and organized correctly, as well as cataloged for easy locating when needed.

Administration & Communication

I am extremely organized and punctual individual who can plan, schedule, and execute a full production. I can lead a team through a production and make sure it is seen through to a successful completion. In the event that an issue arises during a production, I am able to construct a plan in order to ensure the production can continue to run smoothly, efficiently, and with the utmost quality.

Technical Proficiencies

  • Applications: Adobe Premiere Pro/, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut X, Motion, Compressor, Avid, MS Office, iWork

  • On Set: DIT, Media Management, Logging, Syncing and Grouping


Awards/Exp. Highlights

National Honor Roll - (2005)

Aspects of Video Awards

  • Best Student Profile – (2005)

  • Best On-Screen Talent – (2005)

  • Best Children’s Video – (2006)

  • Outstanding Work on an Independent Film – (2007)

  • Special Recognition on a Short Film – 2008

Who’s Who of New Jersey – (2006)

New Jersey Governor’s School of the Arts: Video Production, Distinguished Scholar Award – (2008)